Regents Park - Farm Manager, Bulls

Regents Park - Farm Manager, Bulls 2 months ago

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Full Time
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Fri, 06/01/2018
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
Are you looking for a supported management role where you will be mentored to acquire agribusiness and leadership skills relevant to a future career in operational farm management? Join one of the North Island’s best Dairying Employers!

If you’re serious about professional farming, and your career, then look no further. This leadership role is one where you will be expected to empower and get the best from a team of five, managing them with support from, and working alongside, the OnFarm Business Manager. It is expected that you will nurture and grow your own farm management capabilities through professional development.

The appointed Farm Manager can expect to work an average of 58 hours per week within a regular roster of five days worked and two days off, with work life balance critical to the success of the role. The remuneration is an attractive base salary of $65,000 with the additional benefit of a well-kept three-bedroom home. To be considered for the role applicants will not only be highly trusted and reliable they will also be willing to give and receive feedback as well as being driven to achieve ongoing personal development. Suitable applicants will be high performers with strong grass and animal health management abilities along with a desire to lead a team and organise their daily work load. A minimum of three season’s dairy farming experience is required with at least two years’ experience leading others.

The Farm Manager will be responsible for;
 Implementation of the Health and Safety policy
 Training of team members
 Leading and empowering the team
 Running weekly team meetings
 Compliance and milk production
 Animal health, reproduction and wellbeing
 Machinery and irrigation management
 General farm planning
 Reporting and asset management

Hourly & Remuneration
Hourly & Remuneration
Avg Hrs / Wk 58
Rostered Time off Single rotation
5 days on / 2 days off
Remuneration $72000 per Hour Negotiable
Farm Information
Farm Information
Farm Name AgriPeople Solutions Limited
Farm Size (Ha) 550
Peak Cows 1300
On-Farm Staff 5
Regents Park is a 1300 cow property owned by the OB Group, an operation with an excess of 5,000 cows, and a group culture focusing on community and personal growth, maintaining assets, and running a profitable business. There are five dairy farms within the wider group which is a versatile business making decisions based on what is best for the group culture. Innovation is important to the OB Group which believes that new ideas create wealth for the whole team.

The low – medium input farm is located in Santoft, 48km from Palmerston North. The operation is 550ha of sand country and being recently converted, is well set up, with a 60-bale rotary, three centre pivots irrigating 380ha, easy care sand races, 19 bay calf sheds and good stock yards. The farm has fescue/broome pastures and utilises an extensive cropping regime.

The General Manager of the group; Stu Taylor is best described as a change agent advocating for better employment conditions that transpire into a sustainable industry. Stu has identified that traditional methods of farm ownership are no longer a realistic option for many of today’s dairy farm workers and consequently has set about setting up, and encouraging other farms, to become an attractive career option.

The OB Group itself has a clear vision of people, innovation and professionalism and now that Stu has been able to achieve an empowered team within his own group he has begun influencing change throughout the industry through his project Millennium Farmer -

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