Assistant Farm Manager - ATL

Assistant Farm Manager - ATL content expired 2 months ago

Job type: 
Full Time
Date expired: 
Tue, 01/30/2018
Experience Requirements: 
Not requirements
Feed Production Management
• Assist with any feed planning or the management of as appropriate.
• Assist to manage weeds and pests to maintain pasture and crops.
• Ensure the effective operation of all aspects of the milking process, including plant
hygiene and somatic cell count, to maintain grade free standards.

• Operate and maintain the effluent system on your farm to all regional council
compliance requirements and the employer’s additional standards.
• Maintain all appropriate effluent management records.
• Know what to do when things go wrong.

• Implement animal health program to maintain good health.
• Assist with calving and the calf rearing program to achieve minimal losses and
ensure high quality replacements are available for the herd.
• Ensure all herd records are maintained.

• Work with the Dairy Farm Manager to contribute to Farm Business Plan.
• Assist to manage repairs and maintenance schedule for all plant, machinery and
• Ensure all relevant company policies are understood and adhered to.

• Assist to work within best practice environmental guideline.
Must Provide
• Applicants must have 2 years experience, ITO level 3 or above, provide verifiable references of employment history and have a skill set of the required level
• Applicants must provide verifiable references of being health and safety and animal
welfare compliant. They must not have criminal conviction.
• Applicants must be physically fit.
• The employer may require a pre-employment drug test.

If you meet these criteria, please submit your CV to continue the application with
us. Please note only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Hourly & Remuneration
Hourly & Remuneration
Avg Hrs / Wk 50
Rostered Time off Single rotation
12 days on / 2 days off
Remuneration $65600 Total Package Value (e.g. Salary and/or benefits)
Farm Information
Farm Information
Farm Name Not specified
Farm Size (Ha) 160
Peak Cows 400
On-Farm Staff 2
40 ASHB Shed

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