Veterinary Nurse - Community Practice Nurse (G438-17MA)

Veterinary Nurse - Community Practice Nurse (G438-17MA) content expired 3 months ago

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Sun, 01/21/2018
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The appointee will provide high quality, friendly, efficient, and effectice nursing and reception support within the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and contribute to teaching of veterinary science and veterinary technology students.

The appointee will be accountable to the Director of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital through the CAH Nursing Team Supervisor

  1. General Nursing
    Perform all routine aspects of veterinary nursing including suture removals, vaccination, weight clinic, patient handling, filling of prescriptions, record keeping, admissions to the hospital including drop-off service, providing effective client education, following and effectively communicating veterinary discharge instructions to clients, students and clinicians.

Be able to triage phone calls and “walk-ins” to determine the urgency of the matter and deal with such cases appropriately.

Assist / perform preliminary consultations (with or without students) prior to Community Practice Veterinarian input.

Assist staff veterinarians with appointments and procedures in team-consulting role.

Assist clinicians and students with procedures such as physical examinations, blood draws, ECG, BP measurement, iv catheter placement, grooming, bandage changes.

Assist with diagnostic procedures and general nursing duties of hospitalised patients.

At times assist with the administration of anaesthetics, monitoring and post-op recovery as directed by the veterinarian / anaesthetist.

Ensure hygiene standards are at a high level in the designated area of responsibility within the hospital.

  1. Client service
    To serve and communicate with clients showing professionalism and empathy at all times.

Must have sufficient medical, surgical procedural knowledge and veterinary product knowledge to be able to accurately answer clients and other staffs’ questions regarding veterinary conditions, patient care, over-the-counter products and pet food.

Assist with merchandising, sale of small animal retail products and stocktaking as required.

Contribute to the development, administration and delivery of veterinary nursing managed client services such as pet weight management programmes and puppy pre-school. Be proactive in the marketing and promotion of the clinic including formatting and producing client information sheets and education resources.

Provide a liaison service between clinicians and clients for the Community Practice Veterinarians.

  1. Teaching and practical instruction
    To provide quality on-the-job tuition, assistance and supervision of veterinary science and veterinary technology undergraduates (within the bounds of the incumbent’s knowledge).

To lecture to and/or run practical’s / tutorials / seminars for Veterinary Science and Veterinary Technology students if required and approved by the Area Supervisor.

  1. Communication and IT
    To be able to use, with appropriate in-house training, all the communications methods of the hospital (phone, fax, pager system, email) and to ensure hospital communications protocols are followed.

To be able to use, with appropriate in-house training the hospitals practice management computer software system.

  1. Equipment maintenance
    To clean and maintain equipment promptly and efficiently according to protocols.

  2. On-call
    To provide on-call support to duty equine and companion animal clinicians as part of an out of hours, on-call, roster.

When on-call, to be accessible to duty clinicians and to be within 20 minutes of the VTH at all times.

  1. Continuing education
    To actively participate in continuing education, personal and professional development activities as mutually agreed with line manager. To share new-found knowledge with colleagues.

  2. Evening, night and weekend shifts
    Be willing to participate in the 24 hour, seven day a week patient care and emergency services roster as required.

  3. Research
    Be willing to assist with clinical research projects as and when required by academic staff.

  4. Other reasonable duties
    To adeptly perform other reasonable duties as directed by the Hospital Director.

This role will alternate with the other community practice nurse on a monthly basis i.e. based either at reception or treatment room/consultation rooms.

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